Patient Comfort & Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide can be used to help nervous patients tolerate dental treatment and make their visit a more positive one. We recognize every patient is unique, and some procedures may be more difficult to complete for young children. When this is the case, nitrous oxide can be used to help lower the child’s level of anxiety, increase their pain threshold, suppress a strong gag reflex and make the overall dental experience a more positive one.

Nitrous oxide is perhaps the safest and most effective way to help a dental patient relax. It is mixed with oxygen and monitored for the duration of the procedure, has a quick onset, and is rapidly reversed by administering 100% oxygen upon completion of the dental treatment. If you feel your child would benefit from the use of nitrous oxide, please discuss this with your pediatric dentist at your child’s appointment. 

Office-Based Anesthesia

Sedation dentistry completed in our office allows children, who otherwise could not have the work completed in a traditional dental setting, to receive the treatment they need to have a comfortable and functional smile.

Hospital Dentistry

All five of our pediatric dentists are on staff at Mercy Hospital. We work closely with Mercy Hospital to provide your child with the type of dental care that will work best for them. We offer sedation dentistry at Mercy in addition to our in-office option, to accommodate the needs of children who may have special medical conditions and would be best treated in a hospital setting.