Crown & Pulp Therapy


Help to protect and keep badly decayed or fractured teeth while maintaining a beautiful smile. They are made to perfectly match the shape of your other teeth, they’re durable, strong, and undetectable.

Placing a crown can restore not only the appearance of your child’s smile, but more important, its functionality. 

Our office has several crown options, including both stainless steel and tooth-colored options!

Pulp Therapy

The inside of a tooth contains a soft tissue that is composed of nerves, blood vessels, and other vital parts to keep the tooth alive and healthy. 

Should decay extend past the enamel and dentin of the tooth into the pulp, pulpal therapy may be recommended to further preserve your child’s tooth until it is ready to fall out on its own. 

Pulpal therapy helps to preserve and restore function by removing all decayed tissue. Once all decay has been removed, a special medicated material is used for protection of the pulp and a crown is placed to ensure the remaining tooth structure is sealed and protected from any further damage.