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Office Scheduling Policy

To ensure quality dental care, it is essential that both parents and patients understand the manner in which we schedule your appointments. Our goal is to ensure both you and your child have an outstanding dental experience and to value both you and your time. Therefore, we make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule. Please be aware, we run on time when you run on time and in order to be respectful of all parents and patients in the practice, it is necessary you arrive early to your child’s appointment with the completed health history and registration forms. This will allow your child to get acquainted with our office and time to use the restroom prior to their appointment.

Since the vast majority of our patients are of school age, some appointments may require the child to miss some school; however, these are considered excused absences. With continued care, appointments during school can be kept to a minimum.

Our staff works hard to provide the finest dentistry using the most convenient scheduling system possible for you and your child. Because we have families of our own, we understand your scheduling concerns and will do everything we can to ensure your child’s treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Please note the following scheduling guidelines for St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry:

  • We require that you cancel or reschedule any appointment AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TO AVOID A $25.00 CANCELLATION FEE PER PATIENT. This is not billable to your insurance company.
  • If you arrive over 15 minutes late to your child’s appointment, you may be asked to reschedule as the delay affects other patients scheduled after you.
  • You are required to bring the patient’s most current dental insurance card to every appointment.
Frequently Asked Questions

While prolonged pacifier, thumb sucking and finger sucking habits can become problematic, most children stop on their own. Encouraging your child to cease the habit by age three will help with future bite and jaw issues. However, should your child struggle with stopping the habit, our Doctors can help! Feel free to discuss any concerns at your child’s next dental visit!

Whether you are new to the St. Louis area or simply looking for a new dentist, we at St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry would like to welcome your children to a fantastic dental experience!

St. Louis Pediatric Dentistry has a fun, positive, and engaging approach to ensure an excellent dental experience for your child or teen! Our offices are designed to make each visit enjoyable, equipped with TV’s in the rooms, tablets, treasure towers, and more! Our doctors have an age appropriate and kid-oriented style, which allows them to get to know each child personally and communicate with parents and children to create a lifetime of healthy smiles. 

Welcome to an office kids love, where every patient, regardless of age, is treated with the latest advances in dental technology!

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